Caring for your Macramé

If you have purchased or are thinking of purchasing one of my items then please see below on how to care for your piece

Upon receipt of your Totally Knots piece

If you have ordered a piece with tassels or a fringe then you can gently comb/brush out the tassels/fringe out as they may have become flat/tangled in the post. You can also use your fingers to separate the cord. Holding the top of the fringe will ensure that cords are not pulled and distorted. You can also use a steamer at a safe distance.

To ensure your macrame art lives a long and happy life please follow the instructions below.


Your macraweave/woven wall hanging is hung with nails – gently hammer a nail into the wall and hang your piece just under the nail as it can then be hidden amongst the fibres.

When hanging a hanging or plant hanger please make sure that the wall/ceiling is capable of supporting the weight of your plant, pot and hanger.

If you are hanging your piece outside then discolouration will occur from sunlight so a shady spot will help.


Do not vacuum your macrame piece. To clean take it outside and gently shake it from side to side. This will dislodge any dust particles. You can also use a lint roller gently on your piece.

Some natural fibres can attract bugs so ensure you regularly check your piece.


If your piece gets accidentally stained please do not submerge it in liquid as it can shrink your piece. Do not use the washing machine.

Spot clean the area with a white, damp cloth or diluted white vinegar. Avoid detergents with bleach.

Clean whilst the stain is fresh by dabbing with a cold, damp at the back of the stain for 3-5 minutes. Hang in a dry ventilated area.

Due to the nature of the materials, discolouration will occur over time especially if darker colours are positioned near sunlight.